Routine 1,2,3 from the top

Wake up, gitty up, love, go for it, have coffee, cum, eat, drink, bathe, dance, pet your cat, run to the train, coffee to go, sit on the stairs, love, wait, read, read some more, love, read a whole chapter, music, strut, work, love, have a laugh, get angry, love, question your life decisions, fear and plan, tone your thought, love, take the stairs, exercise, be assertive, be frontal, be transparent, save your words, love, have ideas, imagine, feel the sun, drink water, love, drink some more, eat, have sex dreams on the train after work, love, read on the train, have sugar, do something different, participate in some project with your honest words and required wisdom, work out, sweat, love, drink lots of water, persist, tunel vision, limits, love, the here, the now, arrousal, strength, walk home, love, make a phone call, say lovely words, love, feel less happy hanging up, love, complete a 20 minute walk, love, get home, shower, cum, moisturize, dance, love, cook dinner, make it dirty, love, don’t wash the dishes, eat proudly, love, eat from a boul, have icecream, watch some stupid series, behold the living results of your works, feel horny, try to remember your daily to do list, fail at it, love, have a martini, grab your book, love, read, love, enter the zone, love and do whatever. There is only now.