That’s what’s up

Come to think of all the people who got out of my life on their own, even those who I let go, and we have one thing in common: the need to move on. Somewhere, sometime along the way you over grow circumstances and need to fly higher. I’ve never let myself get pulled down by someone who can’t take a risk to evolve, to move, to make mistakes. All of them were, somehow, stuck up.

I’m taking a stand everyday to face my own odds and overcome them. I will not expect the same or more from anyone else, although, in fact, in that case, none of those who don’t understand where I’m coming from can call me out. The distancing process begins with discomfort. The same way we came to each other is the same way we must part, if we do. We’re free. Free to be people. Free, in a world of minefields and chains. If we don’t feel free enough to be our bravest selves, then what?…