About inadequacy

I don’t know anything about chill, when I’m excited I’m excited, when I’m happy I’m happy, when I’m mad I’m mad, when I’m indifferent I’m indifferent – my emotions are see through. Saying I’m reactive, vulcanic, impressionable, corrosive, childish, anxious, depressive, reclusive, idealist, spontaneous, even kind, it all gets lost in translation, because a big front makes up for being transparent to the point of extreme vulnerability. Coming from a place of honesty and transparency is dangerous and frustrating yet liberating. Try it sometime.




When everybody is already damn good at what you do, put a little extra and gather all your knowledge in one thing. In the end, in life as in love, as inwards as outwards, we want uniqueness. Uniqueness in what we do, what we give, what we get, who we are and learn to love, who we are to someone else.