A drop in the ocean



Binding takes time, while unbinding bears great pain. Ultimately, freedom has its costs, unless you’re set free cold turquey. It’s wise to acknowledge the gesture and free yourself from your own ropes, too. New shores and gratitude. Lessons learnt, growth. Letting go is an option, when the ending of a situation is not up to you, not anymore.

A choice should be taken considering the highest good, with a conscience and a reality check, nonetheless. Regret nothing, if you’re hell bent on acting thoughtfully, meaning well. Have a mind, have a heart, have a conscience of who you are, be here and now, give yourself enough credit. Say goodbye to shallow ends and don’t ever forget the situations you’ve been through. Remember how much you loved, the struggles, the bliss, the sharing, how much you care to carry gracefully within you the memories and those who came across your path.

One more thing… beware. You’re good, not forgetful. You see perfectly, you see through intentions, you proofread every single word and you’ve been given a voice and rhethoric skills. Effectively cease whatever open or secret war.

Smile to the sun, count your blessings.