DesRazão (UnReason) published poem collection from youth

I’ve written about this before but today I share my version of the book, what I had in mind for it but am now able to produce myself. The design, content and production are mine and I can say I’m more statisfied with this result than the previous. I’m still to print it and make a hardcover copy, although bookbinding takes a lot of skill, time and money, so I might do it during summer vacation.


Here it is

(click on the miniatures to see the full size image)




Picture prompt: from picture to word #6




It’s bound to happen, I’m aware of the pattern – when I’m fed up living with myself, I ought to find something else, someone else. It is you.

With you I share this emotion, which travels far beyond than the bubble we’ve blown ourselves in, setting it to motion. Delighted, in the here and now, after all, every waking hour feels brand new, and though we travel we stay.

Growing in this world, we’ve been led to believe it’s wrong being so free – hey love, let it be. It’s enough that we’ve seen war, that we’ve fought ourselves. Should this be, it will. I know of ego and I know of devotion, should I give it up and devote myself to you I’m at last released.