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DesRazão (UnReason) published poem collection from youth

I’ve written about this before but today I share my version of the book, what I had in mind for it but am now able to produce myself. The design, content and production are mine and I can say I’m more statisfied with this result than the previous. I’m still to print it and make a hardcover copy, although bookbinding takes a lot of skill, time and money, so I might do it during summer vacation.


Here it is

(click on the miniatures to see the full size image)




Autoretratos / Self portraits

Depois de um longa semana cheia de novidades e muito que fazer no mundo lá fora, todas as horas livres foram passadas da melhor forma, possibilitando-me maior foco. Meti-me a desenhar umas ideias que andavam aqui a pairar há bastante tempo e a relembrar-me que não lhe estava a dar atenção e que estava a ser preguiçoso.

After a long and eventful week with a lot of work all my free time was spent in the best way possible, allowing me to be focused. I began drawing some ideas I had floating over my head for a long time which kept reminding me I wasn’t tending to them and that I was being lazy.

Como sou o meu único modelo, usei-me para praticar desenho de corpo e estudar sombras e texturas, daí que tenham surgido alguns autoretratos, como estes.

As I am my own model I draw myself to study body drawing and shadows and textures, hence the making of these self portraits.