cinders, cinders,

flacking from your tongue,
mouthing my necromancies
blown to cinders, cinders
‘tween puffs of scant life blown

dust to flesh bred.
Mine’s the art of death
by your artful touch, fate, end.



DesRazão (UnReason) published poem collection from youth

I’ve written about this before but today I share my version of the book, what I had in mind for it but am now able to produce myself. The design, content and production are mine and I can say I’m more statisfied with this result than the previous. I’m still to print it and make a hardcover copy, although bookbinding takes a lot of skill, time and money, so I might do it during summer vacation.


Here it is

(click on the miniatures to see the full size image)




Bubbles – insomniac events

It usually happens after a turmoil and before insomnia and numbness, the urge to create something compulsively. I’m making my best to live a compulsion and obsession free life.

Nonetheless, I wanted to do something iridescent like, like soap bubbles, so I spent hours making them, four nights in a row.

I made a coat with Merck’s Prisma Colour Space Turquoise pigment (tin oxide and titanium dioxide mixed with shellac) and another with Winsor and Newton’s Iridescent Medium, on top of watercolour.

3 insomniac events.


Paint Brush LANA A5 150 G/m

Merck Pyrisma T30-25 Color Space Turquoise

Winsor & Newton Iridescent Watercolor