Overcoming a long time coming

“There are times when a feeling of expectancy comes to me, as if something is there, beneath the surface of my understanding, waiting for me to grasp it. It is the same tantalizing sensation when you almost remember a name, but don’t quite reach it.”

“The dissociative states became more frequent, and with them a lingering numbness, a sense of being only barely present in the world.”

It’s been a year and change since I did this one. It’s different, now. Just different. With so much compromising my previous views, aesthetics, likes & dislikes, passions, obsessions, false identity, suppressions, misconceptions, traumas, beliefs, cynicism, fears, fancies, insecurities and irrational self hatred, transitioning feels more grounded when I have living proof of a long term crisis in front of me. Paradigm shifts aren’t too noticeable as they are happening, only when I felt myself ecloding into a rather unfamilar context I was conscious of how far I had roamed. Time’s a wastin fades in the background and my anxiety petrifies me when there is so much to do, so much to be in control of, so much that I shouldn’t even brother burdening myself with. It’s a sense of aknowledging every ounce of extra baggage at the gate and having payed and arranged for its transportation, a sense of not having that discussion again because I have made my point before and I’ve already been humble enough to listen, a sense of talking to you later, because I’m going somewhere else. I roam. I resurface. I’m older, I feel the weight of time, I understand love differently, I love better and differently, I respect my body more and my inner voice is heard, I struggle still, I get sad still, I’m still going and showing up with more questions, I love and I found I am loved by the power that created me, I host hope. I’ve been hungry, I’ve been empty, I’ve been eating wisely.




I bought a small box of slime at The Flying Tiger for 2€, just to play with it for a while because I felt bored and I can’t stand boredom. It was my first time playing with slime, one of my students brought his lime green phlegm like slime to class and I felt jealous… So I, a grown ass adult, bought me what resembled unicorn phlegm. It is fun to play with it, but it got old.

This is how it occurred me I could use it creatively, the picture that popped into my mind…



Alienatio 2.0


O Homem Absurdo é aquele que busca sentido onde não há um sentido predefinido.

The Absurde Man is he who seeks meaning where there is no predefined meaning. 

There’s no meaning to chaos if it grants life it’s status of absolute ruler of absurdity.

Not that nostalgia is foreign to him. But he prefers his courage and his reasoning.



A series of illustrations I named Alienatio.

Greatly influenced by Camus’ “Le Mythe de Sisyphe”, it’s the interpretation of a very warped vision of the world as seen from the inside of a bubble which rejects the mundane.

It’s the acknowledgement  of everything palpable and explained by their physical existence immersed by everything inexplicable, by what makes sense within us because we feel it. Disruption, apathy, macabre, when inner death crosses paths with the exuberance of being woke.


Este slideshow necessita de JavaScript.

Esta é uma colecção de desenho digital ao qual dei o nome Alienatio.

É uma interpretação da visão concreta do mundo dentro de uma bolha que repele o que é do mundo.

É a aceitação das coisas palpáveis e explicadas pela existência física inundada pelas coisas sem explicação, porque apenas vivas interiormente. Da confusão à apatia, do sensual ao macabro e o cruzamento da morte interior com a exuberância de ser consciente.


DesRazão (UnReason) published poem collection from youth

I’ve written about this before but today I share my version of the book, what I had in mind for it but am now able to produce myself. The design, content and production are mine and I can say I’m more statisfied with this result than the previous. I’m still to print it and make a hardcover copy, although bookbinding takes a lot of skill, time and money, so I might do it during summer vacation.


Here it is

(click on the miniatures to see the full size image)