“The Gruesome death of Anne lee and Mrs Chauff” a snippet

After her plan was set in motion there was no way Mrs Chauff could’ve guessed her own death. Smitten by her husband’s intentions and motivated by her servant’s plea, she designed a sleek plan, taking advantage from a two-day stay at the summer house, where she would make herself desappear along with Mr Chauff’s male pride and a small fortune, enough to live well with Bantilla, her servant in every way, in South Carolina. That was the plan, although, along the way she got caught up in the middle of the succession of murderous events she triggered and that I’ve watched unravel, getting killed before she could take flight on my aeroplane. If you’re looking for more gruesome details, your honour Mayor Noveno, I can describe you how she did not even scream or suffer when she got her throat slithered, how she meant to kill Anne Lee and with that turning a peachy eventless vacation to the worse ride home I’ve ever cared to experience. Shall I continue – pouring ginger cinnamon tea into a large porcelain cup – in court  – taking a sip – or will you take a seat? – Now staring at the men standing in his study – Do you gentlemen have you tea with milk or cream?




“The Gruesome death of Anne lee and Mrs Chauff” is a short story I’ve started a while ago in portuguese but am now writing in english.





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