Big joke

This world is pointless and yet all my life I’ve been encouraged to figure it out relentlessly. Existence is nothing but a big joke, I realised this back in the old salad days, sitting on the outside of my humble grandmother’s house, after incredibly hot and dry summer days which only southern Portugal can provide, looking at the transitioning sky from day to night, thinking about all the nonsense… I get mad mainly because there’s nothing to be gained, it’s a losing game, no matter how much figuring out I go through.



4 pensamentos sobre “Big joke

    1. Hi there! I love your blog, it makes me smile :) I’m answering and than I’ll stay for a while visiting your posts! Ahm, about my wellbeing, I’m sure I’m going through something of a challenge, a personal life transition, a professional impass & compromise, plans on hold, relationships falling apart, lack of mental strenght to face the many daily piles of garbage, and sure all the mess around the world and recent events menacing my/our community doesn’t help coping with agitation, but I feel like I been beaten and began to bend to the point I’m questioning my worth and I’m thinking about resigning, I do not fit anf apparently I’m a good for nothing kind of young adult, not even for family and friends… I’m certain I give my best but I know I’m my worst enemy in all this. Maybe I need time to rest… It has been a long and stressful year and a half, full of adventure and defeat, some fights won, some lost, but here I am, nothing to distract me for the first time in many months and I look back with nothing to hold on to. I have the love and support of an outstanding lover but I need my own and I lost it midway… first world problems, maybe?

      1. Thanks for sharing. Its perfectly normal to feel the way you are – its called a quarter life crisis and is actually a really normal thing to be feeling with people of your age. Also probably you have space for the first time in a long time, to actually do some thinking and not have the adrenaline rushing through your system pushing you to *do stuff* all the time. Take advantage of this time to write down all you have achieved, and what you want to achieve in the future. (No matter how silly they might sound) Also, don’t think about the negatives as failures, because they each have a lesson to be learned from them, so….not such a bad thing. Overall, though, how you are feeling is ok and natural. Eat healthily, and exercise if you can. That gets the endorphins going and makes you feel good. If there is anything at anytime, you would like to chat about, please feel free to email me at I’m only saying this because I don’t want to take up your whole blog comment section, haha! :D


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