Hyper Idiot love letter


I’d pour my heart and guts out, in squishing blood fountains and corrodent bile, wearing the most truththful transparent smile, for the life I can endure and go on balancing both evils of happiness and growing pains. Without aid, without crutches, leaning towards eachother and finding new and warmthest dephts to swim freely while drowned in cheer devotion. I’d do all that until my heart stops, just to have yours truly unwound, unravelled and bathed into our quiet day underwater. That’s how I’d spend eternity, within our bubble lying by your side, sinking my teeth in your flesh, letting you know how you came to feed this reality I find ourselves shining at last and at long last together.

If you ever doubted it, every instant is lived and consumed by this wave of devotion I’ve allowed to drive me out of the world into your shore. So, let’s not go with the tide, it’s so tedious. Let’s go and comeback. May we dive and share our one time breath each time and resurface, until we’ve consumed our bodies, until we’re old found souls.

Yours truly an idiot



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